Six Steps of Success...
It starts with a vision on how to improve the way you manage and share important information! The initiation (or visualization) phase is the first step towards a successful project. Client and project details are gathered and documented at this stage using our unique 'Discovery Toolkit'.

At the initiation meeting we discuss and agree upon goals, needs, expected benefits and business/organization requirements. We work with the client to gather the facts and figures required to ensure their vision becomes a reality!

Comprehensive project planning and collaboration between Filemaker Nashville and the client is essential. In this phase all high-level project goals are further detailed; setting the framework and foundation for the project.

A complete list of user requirements originates from these goals. In this phase the Project Manager creates a formal Project Plan (a.k.a. 'The Project Framework') which identifies the project team, milestones, schedule, constraints and risks for the project.

To discover your unique application needs, our Project Management Team will require some additional information on the application we are to build. In this phase, each goal is refined into a set of system requirements. These requirements define the major functions of the intended application, define data schemas, and establish work flows through the use of a variety of diagrams.
Once The Project Framework has been finalized, we can now begin to design and construct your unique solution! A key advantage of following a structured process like our "Methodology for Success" is that the original plan can be modified as the project unfolds.

Compare it to building a new house - if you don't have proper plans, it's difficult to know if you can add an extra room without the floor collapsing! During the construction phase, your system is tested in a variety of ways; our goal is to develop an error-free application that meets all of your needs.

This phase involves the creation of a detailed implementation plan (a.k.a. 'Implementation Steps'), which clearly outlines the route to be taken to install the software application. Any final data conversion issues/risks are also identified and documented in this process.

A date is typically scheduled and coordinated with the client to perform the installation and conduct data migration. Training sessions are scheduled and conducted with the client (if desired) during this stage of the project. Your information management system is ready!

With your brand new, custom-built software application up-and-running, together we have truly "brought your blueprint to life!". The final phase of our project life cycle ensures that you (the client) are fully satisfied with the system developed and deployed.

A post-project questionnaire helps us to gauge our clients' level of satisfaction with Filemaker Nashville as a professional service provider and the solution developed. This evaluation also helps us to measure our overall effectiveness and quality of service, and address any areas where we could stand to improve.