Our Services...  
  System Analysis & Design  
  What this REALLY means,
is that we will assist you in determining your needs and help you find a total solution. 

We can assist in any or all phases of the project life cycle.  This includes helping you to determine your needs and recommending resolutions.  And we have experienced programmers, network personnel, web designers and business professionals available, so you can work with one company, instead of several, to make your system a reality.

At Filemaker Nashville, we believe in incremental database development as a means of controlling costs, learning from the experience of use, and minimizing the risk of failure.

However, we also believe in taking time up front to look at the big picture and construct a flexible, but integrated database development strategy.

Our essential design concepts include:

  • Cooperative development with your key users leads to a database design that is both integrated and focused on application to your business process.

  • Tiered data input management maximizes data control at the lower, input intensive levels, and thereby reduces data entry error rates.

  • Server based system design allows multi-user access.

  • Distributed user modules allow custom query development by skilled users without undue risk to the central database.

  • User friendly design concepts include:

    •  Menu screens hide database complexity.

    •  Keyboard navigation aids input form navigation.

    •  Query based pull down menus limit data input choices to valid options.

    •  Data masks protect against data entry errors and use of an incorrect data entry format.

  Database programming 
  Let's face it, nowadays every system
is created using some type of database.  At
Filemaker Nashville, we have experience in various platforms and database engines, including FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

With this range of experience, we can work on smaller projects utilizing FileMaker Pro or MS Access as well as larger systems utilizing an SQL Server back-end.

Our knowledge and experience with these database platforms provides us with the flexibility to choose a database tool that will provide the best solution for you.

Don't let anybody tell you that all
databases are created equal, and that there is no difference between them.  This is not true.  Depending on the volume of data you will be storing or retrieving, the speed with which you need to retrieve it, the number of concurrent users, oh and of course budget, the database you choose is VERY important.

Also equally important, is the person or persons responsible for designing your database.  They need to understand your system's needs to determine the correct database to use.  They need to understand the relationship of your data so that you will be able to access the information you desire.  And they need to understand performance issues so you can get that information in a timely manner.


Methodology for Success
Our "Methodology for Success" is a unique database design and creation process, developed by
Filemaker Nashville, that focuses on teamwork, collaboration and proven development methodologies.

This process ensures that both Filemaker Nashville and our clients have a clear and complete understanding of project expectations, responsibilities, deadlines and constraints. By strictly adhering to this established methodology, we are able to deliver custom software solutions on-time, within budget and to the exact requirements of each individual client.

Measurement for Success

We measure project success when the following benchmarks have been met:
  • The database application is built and implemented on time and the budget agreed upon.

  • All project objectives have been met

  • The client is fully satisfied with the product delivered

  • We've satisfied all documented high and low level requirements

  • The database application developed is easy to learn and work with

  • The client tells us that we've captured the way they manage and share vital data

  • The application we deliver improved efficiency, reduced costs and delivered a positive return on investment.

Our Six Part Methodology

Our six part database application creation process (click here for a detailed overview) focuses on close collaboration and ongoing communication between the client and Filemaker Nashville.

Our experience has shown that consistent interaction through meetings, status reports, prototypes, implementation and training is essential to the overall success of your project. From beginning to end, the client is an integral part of the project team; involved in the entire development process.

Working together, we create software that works the way you work!