Client Accolades...  
  “Robert takes great pride in his work and great care of his clients. He is an expert in database design and similar technologies and is one of the best in the business. He is very detail oriented and delivers success in a timely and cost effective manner!”  
  “Robert’s extensive knowledge of work flow, project management, relational databases, FileMaker Pro and other related subjects enable him to do detailed evaluations of client requirements and determine the most effective technical solutions to the many challenges of business.”  
  “I have known Robert for a number of years. He is an accomplished professional in the world of database solutions and a formidable business talent who communicates effectively with his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a complex database solution for their business.”  
  “If you need a database solution (and who doesn't in today’s world of business), you need A Bridge Solution/A Bridge Solution. Robert and his team know what it takes to create custom database/software solutions that exceed expectations. I highly recommend them!”
“Robert has the unique ability to maintain the big picture while focusing on the details throughout the project.”
  “When we presented our database requirements to Robert, the details were ambiguous at best. It took a calm person with a creative mind to navigate through the muck and provide us with the needed solution.”  
  “We've worked with Robert on many occasions. Collaborating with him has always produced innovative and pertinent results. He is a true professional with a high degree of integrity.”  
  “Robert is both an excellent communicator and database developer. He is patient and thorough in his explanations of complex technologies and concepts throughout the project while exceeding expectations with the final product.”  
  “I have worked with Robert on various projects. He is passionate in the pursuit of excellence in whatever he does.”  
  “When talking about database design, it is easy to say that Robert is the smartest guy in the room. His “out of the box” vision, combined with his tremendous focus on detail makes him the consummate database project manager.”  
  “Robert is a joy to work with, great at understanding complex requirements, determining and explaining the options and steering the project to fruition.”  
  “Robert is one of those rare individuals who are, on one hand, exceptionally intelligent, creative and insightful while articulate and generous with his time and expertise.”  
  “Robert is a go getter! He doesn't wait for things to happen; he makes them happen and stays on point through completion.”  
  “Robert is a man of high character with many skills and a very diligent worker who is also a joy to work with!”  
  “Robert is a wonderful person to work with, extremely intelligent, passionate, personable and honest. We have worked with him on several large projects, always with great results.”